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Henusis is an organization with a mission to enhance and empower communities through the use of partnerships and largesse. The company is comprised of two sectors: the Henusis Marketing Advertising Agency and the Henusis Community Foundation. The Henusis Marketing Agency targets small businesses, particularly restaurants, with the hopes of increasing customer traffic and assuaging the adverse effects of the pandemic. With expert marketing strategies and a phenomenal team, we can bolster small businesses as they look to develop, expand, or reopen during these difficult periods. Our services include custom QR codes that can be shaped and designed to match the logos or our clients. We can provide the codes on posters, business cards, menus, clothing, and in a variety of other forms. The utilization of QR codes gives customers access to a business’s website, social media, menus, or any other online documentation. This provides customers with a sense of safety as they do not have to make physical contact with anything when being provided with services during the pandemic. Henusis’s services also include remodeling/ creating websites, enhancing social media profiles, video editing, and creating custom business cards. These advertising resources expose businesses to a broader range of customers and aids in taking them to the next gradation.

The second part of the company, the Henusis Community Foundation, is centered on giving back to the community through volunteer work and donations. Ten percent of the income generated from the Henusis Marketing Advertising Agency is donated to charities of the clients’ choice. This provides neighborhoods with an accretion of funds needed to support members of the community during this time of uncertainty. Utilizing funds from small businesses for charity purposes allows us to improve the community through largesse. As the Henusis Community Foundation is a strong advocate for helping others, we also bolster charities by actively volunteering with them. Every member currently engages in community service with the Heights and Hills Volunteer Program as well as the Campaign Against Hunger. The head of the organization goes a step further as he is a team leader with New York Cares. The Henusis Community Foundation has its heart set on building up communities through volunteering and utilizing the generosity of local small businesses.

Henusis was created to bridge the gap that has formed between communities due to the pandemic. Both the Henusis Marketing Advertising Agency and the Henusis Community Foundation establish a stronger relationship between small businesses and their communities. This is evident in Henusis’s logo which portrays the organization’s message through symbolism. The center image is the Earth and it represents a single individual or customer. The gears are symbolic of all businesses and organizations that provide the individual with the services that are essential for continuous growth and operations. Finally, the image of the Sun that surrounds the Earth represents organizations, like Henusis, which serve as a connector between individuals and businesses. It symbolizes the role of Henusis as a catalyst for the empowerment of communities through partnerships and unity.

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