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    Do you want to improve the online visibility of
    your brand and drive more relevant traffic
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    Do you want to improve the online visibility of
    your brand and drive more relevant traffic
    to your website.

Welcome To Team Henusis

Do you want to improve the online visibility of your brand?
  • Web Design

    Creative, Dynamic and mobile friendly website that grab customers attention

  • QR code design

    Multipurpose and creative QR code designs

  • Social Media management

    Engage with clients and customers online with our social media marketing experts

  • Support Center

    Technical and customer support team dedicated to helping you!

QR code designs that work!

China has used QR Codes as a way to filter visitors at checkpoints. Singapore is using QR Codes to ensure contactless visitor entry and to facilitate community-driven contact tracing. Restaurants us QR codes as a touchless way for customers to access menus. With our QR code designs we make sure we

  • We deliver Top results.

  • Keep our customers happy!

  • We always return e-mails and calls within one business day.

  • Affordable pricing offers.

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Henusis is an organization with a mission to enhance and empower communities through the use of partnerships and largesse.

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Why Customers us!

Meet the team that everyone loves
  • Terrence Hamilton / Account executive

    The friendliest guy you’ll ever meet, Terrence works directly with small business owners to find ways to take their establishment to the next level. With his larger than life ideas and brilliant strategies, Terrence’s assistance is an asset for any developing company. Terrence is also an active volunteer with several charities throughout Brooklyn. His mission to empower others is evident as he is a team leader for the nonprofit, New York Cares. His love for his community is the fuel that keeps Henusis going.

  • Jules Day / VP of Marketing

    Jules is our talented tech expert who specializes in back-end web development. He uses a growth-driven design so that the websites can keep up with a readily changing society. This design also allows businesses to constantly analyze their website and make improvements when necessary. Jules’s methods reduce the risk of your business’s website being outdated or in need of a total overhaul. Jules also provides expert marketing strategies for online advertisement leading to increased customer traffic. His keen eye for detail allows him to turn your dream website into a reality.

  • Jonathan Deoman / Creative Director

    As the creative genius of the team, Jonathan is the mastermind behind the custom QR Codes. He is also skilled in front-end web development as well as photo and video editing. Besides that, Jonathan is the go-to guy for creating menus and logos. With his mind-blowing talent for graphic design, Jonathan can turn any bland artwork into something guaranteed to catch a customer’s eye. His creations fully display the heart and soul of your business.

  • Kyle Harris / Account Manager

    Kyle is our helpful middleman who maintains positive relationships between Henusis and its clients. He communicates with both parties to make sure that needs are fulfilled and that customers are satisfied with our services. Kyle also handles Henusis’s internal affairs through research, analysis, and development. He functions as a customer support agent for payment, updates, and contracts. Kyle works towards tying any loose ends in the business and getting Henusis functioning at its highest level.

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